Nonimmigrant Visas

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These are the types of visas that allow a person to live temporarily in the United States but do not allow or give the right to obtain permanent residence.

Depending on the type of visa in question, they may allow those who obtain it to study, invest and work in the country.

B1 Visas

They are those that allow a person to enter the United States temporarily for the purposes of conducting business. Example, buying a property, closing commercial contracts, etc.

B2 Visas

They are those that allow a person to enter the United States temporarily for tourism purposes or to undergo medical treatment. Example, vacations or undergoing some treatment or intervention that can only be performed in the country.

H1B Temporary Work Visas

This type of visa is used when an employer requires to hire an employee who must have certain knowledge and/or experience that is unusual or specific for a specific job.

A labor certification is required and must be completed by the United States Department of Labor.


Bachelor’s degree or higher degree in a particular profession or equivalent experience of 3 years for each year of college.
Labor certificate issued by the Department of Labor

The visa extends for a maximum period of 3 years the first time and can be renewed a second time and between the two renewals it cannot exceed 6 years.

This visa allows you to apply for residency for employment reasons.

Visa for religious workers

Foreigners who temporarily serve as Ministers or who are part of religious orders within the United States may be eligible to apply for the R1 visa.

Those who perform normal tasks such as maintenance or administrative tasks do not qualify; they must be members of the clergy of religions recognized by the United States, e.g. Monks, nuns, brothers and sisters.

Visa for extraordinary abilities

This type of visa can be requested by foreigners who have proven and effective skills in activities such as science, art, education, business, sports, and film or television. These skills must have been demonstrated at a national or international level.

To be eligible for this type of visa, the applicant must be someone recognized in their field, acclaimed and have reached the top in their activity.

Those who essentially support the visa holder and their spouses and children (under 21 years of age) may also apply.