Residence or Green Card

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Citizenship and NaturalizationCitizenship and Naturalization
Residence or Green CardResidence or Green Card
Family-Based PetitionFamily-Based Petition
Employment-Based PetitionsEmployment-Based Petitions
Labor certification an national interest waiverLabor certification and national interest waiver
Cuban Adjustment LawCuban Adjustment Law
Temporary Protected Status (TPS)Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
Adjustment of StatusAdjustment of Status
Work permitWork permit
Nonimmigrant VisasNonimmigrant Visas
Business visas (E1- E2 – L1) and derivativesBusiness visas (E1- E2 – L1)
Student visasStudent visas
Change of StatusChange of Status

All people who decided to come to this wonderful country in order to live and work in the USA indefinitely must obtain their permanent residence, which is popularly known as a Green Card. Obtaining a green card is a long process, which has certain requirements and 3 legal bases to achieve it. At Immigration document preparers we accompany you to present all the documentation at the different stages of the process correctly and legally.