Student visas

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This type of visa (F1) is aimed at foreigners who do not seek to emigrate and who want to be full-time students and who wish to carry out studies in officially approved colleges, academies, conservatories, seminaries or universities within the United States. Also in any type of language training or learning.

The F1 visa allows the spouse of the F1 visa beneficiary to also travel to the United States but will not be able to attend school or work. If there are unmarried minor children, they can travel and can attend school up to level 12.

There is another variant called M1 that differs from the previous one in the object of study, which may be non-academic vocational professions, but language learning is excluded, that is, it is oriented towards professions that are learned in non-academic institutions.

Those interested must acquire a Certificate of Eligibility from the institution where they will carry out their studies.

Additionally, it cannot be applied to public primary schools or adult institutes that depend on public funds.